RCSME mission is to foster private sector development in Russia by providing high-quality information support, policy advice and research, disseminating best practices of SME support

What we do

The Russian SME Resource Centre (RCSME) is a leading analytical centre which provides information and policy advice on private sector development and business climate. RCSME was established in 1999 under a TACIS project SMERUS 9501 “Establishment of the Resource Centre forSMEs”, funded by the European Commission.

RCSME offers a wide range of services and tailor-made research for investors, financial companies, banks, public institutions, donors, business support organisations, researchers, on the topics:

  • research and policy advice on private sector development and investment climate in Russia;
  • monitoring and analysis of private sector and SME performance;
  • SMЕ statistics in Russia;
  • policy advice on SME sector, education and innovation support;
  • evaluation of private sector development programs and projects;
  • information support, information dissemination across Russia via an own information dissemination system;
  • largest in Russia free Electronic Library on Small Entrepreneurship http://www.rcsme.ru/ru/library

RCSME regional experience: Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Central Russia, North-West, Far East, Siberia, South Russia.

Our recent projects include:

  • SME sector monitoring for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
  • Development of Enterprise Europe Network in Russia
  • The role of federal universities in the development of knowledge and innovation potential of federal regions in Russia, as well as in advances of science and technology 
  • Opportunities for the Internationalisation of SMEs in third countries, including Russia http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/policies/sme/market-access/enterprise-europe-network/intern_event_en.htm
  • Overview of mid-sized and growing small businesses in Russia
  • Development of methodology and tools for SME census  in 2010

Full list of implemented projects available here http://www.rcsme.ru/en/projects

What’s new in our library

Doing Business 2015: Going Beyond Efficiency
Author: World Bank Group
Year: Washington, 2014
Russia: Modernising the Economy
Author: OECD
Year: Paris, 2013
Small and Medium Entrepreneurship in Russia
Author: Ernst & Young for the European Investment Bank (EIB)
Year: Luxembourg, 2014