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Administrative barriers for SME development: the problem and solutions (January 2001)

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Moscow , 2001
Russian SME Resource Centre
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6 pages
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The goal of this survey was to study the problem of administrative barriers from the point of view of legislation, to give a definition of this phenomenon in legal terms and to suggest mechanisms for reducing the barriers.

Table of contents:

The main outcome of the survey is:
-The definition of administrative barriers was suggested and explained: «Administrative barriers are the obstacles encountered by entrepreneurs in the course of business activity which are created by public officers of executive bodies»;
- Administrative barriers occur in the following stages of business start-up and development:
- Registration and liquidation of SMEs;
- Licensing of some SMEs activities;
- Certification, standardization of products, works and services;
- Control and inspection of current entrepreneurial activities;
- Inter-regional commerce or trade;
- SME involvement in public procurement»

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