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Moscow , 2000
Russian SME Resource Centre, under Tacis project SMERUS9803
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This paper was part of a package of reports based on studies of the business environment in Russia.

Simplification of government regulation procedures relative to small business (simplification of registration procedure, reducing the list of activities subject to licensing, unification of administrative procedures, minimization of the number of coordinating and supervising agencies, simplification of procedure and forms of accounting, etc.) should be an integral part of the government system of small business promotion.

Federal Program of small business promotion in the Russian Federation for 2000-2001 stressed the importance of dismantling bureaucratic barriers which impede enterprise development, as a priority measure of SME support. The Government intention was to compile an exhaustive list of organizations authorized to supervise and exercise planned and other types of inspection of small businesses. However, even regional governments were unable to provide an “exhaustive list” of the agencies.

The study reported the current situation with the administrative barriers and made an inventory of common bureaucratic procedures and agencies in charge of:
• registration;
• licensing;
• land use;
• standardization, metrology and certification;
• sanitary-and-epidemiologic supervision;
• environmental conservation;
• taxation;
• law and order;
• fire safety;
• housing;
• town planning and architecture;
• road safety;
• trade activities.

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