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Federal Programme of State Support to Small Enterprise in the Russian Federation in 2000-2001

Place and year of publication
Moscow , 2000
Ministry of Antimonopoly Policy and Support to Entrepreneurship of the Russian Federation. Federal Fund for SME Support.
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15 pages
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This is a working translation of the Federal Program for SME support, the main document whuich outlines policy measures towards SME support in Russia.
The goal of the Program is to ensure favourable conditions for the develop-ment of small enterprise on the basis of enhanc-ing the quality and effectiveness of the measures of state support at the federal level.

The Program addresses the following proprities:
• creation of favourable conditions for a stable functioning of small firms;
• overcoming administrative barriers to the development of small enterprise;
• development and implementation of progressive financial technologies for the support of small enterprise, consolidation of funds for financing priority directions of small enterprise, integration of the financial mechanisms of small enterprise into the overall credit/financial system of Russia;
• creation of new jobs;
• creation of conditions for import substitution;
• involving small firms into fulfilment state production orders;
• granting targeted methodological, information, consulting, educational and legal support to small firms within the framework of the infrastructure for support to small enterprise;
• development of the external economic activity of small firms, attracting foreign investment into the small enterprise sector

Sections of the Program:
I.Normative/legal substantiation.
II.Development of progressive financial technologies.
III.Implementation of priority direction.
IV.Improving the effectiveness of the infrastructure and of the information systems.
V.Scientific/methodological and personnel assistance.
VI.International cooperation in the field of small enterprise.

Table of contents:

Passport of the Program:
1.The substance of the problem and the necessity to solve it by programme methods.
2.The main objectives and tasks of the Programme. Ways to solve the formulated tasks.
3.Periods and stages of implementation of the Programme.
4.The system of programme measures.
5.Provision of the Programme with resources.
6. Management of the Programme and the mechanism for its implementation.
7. Assessment of effectiveness of the Programme.

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