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17.02.2014 On approving the Roadmap Improving Tax Administration

This directive drafted by the Ministry of Economic Development has adopted a plan of measures aimed at:
- Reducing time and financial expenditures of entrepreneurs on preparing and submitting tax reports and paying taxes;
- Improving relations between taxpayers and tax authorities;
- Approximating taxation management and financial accounting norms;
- Improving VAT administration efficiency;
- Encouraging the transition of taxpayers and tax authorities to electronic document management;
- Improving the administration of special tax regimes used by certain categories of taxpayers.

Roadmaps of the National Business Initiative on Improving the Investment Climate in the Russian Federation

National Business Initiative (NBI) includes mechanisms proposed by businessmen themselves oriented to simplification, cheapening and acceleration of business procedures in the Russian Federation. The main instrument of NBI implementation is creation and implementation of road maps to establish specific measures, terms and responsibility of specific Government authorities. Road maps implementation is being monitored and accepted by businessmen and experts but not by the authorities.

The main NBI monitoring platform is investclimate.ru portal.

Roadmaps of the National Business Initiative on Improving the Investment Climate in the Russian Federation comprise the following initiatives:

  • Improving Tax Administration
  • Developing the Information Technology Seсtor
  • Improving Appraisal Services
  • Improving the Regulatory Environment for Business
  • Streamlining Registration Procedures for Legal Entities and Sole Proprietors
  • Promoting Competition and Improving Antimonopoly Policy
  • Improving Urban Development Regulations and the Business Climate in the Construction Industry
  • Improving Access to Energy Infrastructure
  • Supporting Exports and Access to International Markets
  • Improving Customs Administration
  • Improving Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses’ Access to Procurement Orders of Infrastructure Monopolies and State-Owned Companies

Other roadmaps comprise:

  • Developing Public and Consumer Oversight of Natural Monopolies
  • Developing the Composite Materials Industry
  • Developing Optoelectronic Technology (Photonics)
  • Developing Engineering and Industrial Design
  • Developing the Information Technology Seсtor
  • Developing Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
  • Establishing an International Financial Centre and Improving the Investment Climate in Russia
  • Transforming the Social Sector for More Effective Education and Science
  • Transforming the Social Sector to Promote Culture
  • Transforming the Social Sector to Improve Healthcare

More information about the Roadmaps and responsible agencies available at the official Web-site  of the Russian Government http://government.ru/en/info/779

and the National Business Initiative  http://www.asi.ru/en/nbi/